HP Productions


HP Productions provides products and services to Production & Entertainment Companies, TV & Film Projects. Our products and services are now open to companies and individuals outside of the entertainment industry.

We provide fast, private funding for TV and Film productions; no credit required, security for loans and other services by way of Assurance Plans. Customers pay for Assurance Plans to secure the loan or service they order wherein they are guaranteed approval.

TV and Film productions are using more and more cryptocurrency to pay for the projects, we assist with our many cryptocurrency services.

No personal guarantees or credit checks required, as most productions and projects are short term and do not have credit. If you default on any of the services or loans, the Assurance Plans that is taken out as security for the loan or service pays us. We then sell the loss to 3rd party individuals or companies to offset their capital or other gains. We never require personal information to secure a loan or service or do we require source of funds or source of crypto.

Our products and services are a stop gap method of financing when productions run out of funds to complete their project; or to get a business project to completion.

Instant funding depending on method you select for payment of assurance plan and method you select to receive your funds or crypto. Funding in multiple countries, multiple forms and multiple currencies.


HP Productions is  Licensed to use Hell's Poker brand and processing services and other brands to market it's products and services, HP Productions pays a advertising and marketing fee to companies who advertise their services; these companies are not paid a commission. Chang Lin, Xian - Weiyang District, Shaanxi, China.