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Refunds and Cancellations

Refunds and Cancellations are not the same thing depending on the service or product.
HP Productions

Refunds are when a product or service is ordered, paid for and the payment has cleared. You must still cancel an order by using the cancellation form. If you do not do this your refund will be held until you do so.  Even if you do not complete the order or it is not completed it is still pending processing in our system. 

Example: you rent BTC, you place an order, decide not to complete the order or make payment, you then place a second order and make payment. The first order is still open. You can only have one rental order at a time. Our system is still waiting on processing your first order. You must cancel the order first and state why you cancelled it before your second order was placed. BTC is set aside for each rental, if this process was not in place we would have open orders tying up the BTC that can be rented to someone.

HP Productions

All our products and services require cancellation of the service or product, before a refund may be made. Most services have production insurance that is initiated when the product or service order is placed. Once cancelled then you can submit a refund request.  The production or other insurance is not tied with the deposit or fee.

Example: you submit an application for a production loan, through a production account or directly. Once place the insurance review is started. Requesting a refund if any monies are deposited or paid in, then a refund request is made does not stop the application.  You must first cancel the application and then submit a refund request, once the cancellation is completed.