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Thank You to Everyone for Attending our Dubai ConferenceSelf Directed Loan, Instant Same Day Funding, Select Same Day Method for Assurance Plan Payment. Instant Funding - Pay by Crypto Receive 10% Discount on Assurance Plan, Receive Funds in Crypto within MinutesInstant Delivery of BTC - Pay Assurance Plan by Crypto, Receive BTC in the same Wallet within Minutes Thank You Gift, We, are Giving Away Bitcoin (BTC) at 2020 Prices – 1 BTC for $25K, Get Yours Now While Supplies Last. Self-Directed Loans $1M Loan @ $10K Assurance Plan Instant Funding - Pay by Crypto Receive 10% Discount on Assurance Plan, Receive Funds in Crypto within Minutes. Self-Directed Loans $10M Loan @ $25K Assurance Plan and Self-Directed Loans $20M Loan @ $40K Assurance Plan

Services & Products

Users of Services and Products are "NOT" Responsible for any Loss for failure to Complete Loan Re-payment, Rental Return or other Terms of Services for any Product or Service. Assurance Plans vs Loan Fee Links : Loan fees are what you pay for the loan; Assurance Plans are security for the loan instead of using your credit or collateral. Funding is made in multiple countries, multiple currencies in many forms. See Payout Information Link  

Self Directed Loans

You tell us how much you want to borrow and how much you want to pay to secure the loan. Loans from $250K up to $25M with no credit check, no payments, no interest. The loan is secured by an assurance plan that is paid at the time of application. $20M Self Directed Loan Secured by $40K Assurance Plan. $10M Self Directed Loan Secured by $25K Assurance Plan
Self Directed Loan Link

Crypto Services

We purchase, sell, cash out, or exchange bulk cryptocurrency using our institutional and exchange accounts. We have our own traders; do not pay at market-day rates. No personal information or source of crypto is required. Simple fee-based.
Crypto Services Link

Bitcoin (BTC) Rental, Instant Delivery*

BTC rental, when available. Need BTC short-term, 6 months secured by rental assurance plan, no credit or qualifying.
Rental Secure Order Link

BTC & Crypto Loans 5X Security Deposit

BTC / Crypto loans of 5x the crypto security amount. Up to $10 million can be funded on the same day. No credit, personal information, or source of BTC or crypto is required. Other listed crypto on Coinbase is available upon request. BTC / Cryptocurrency Loan Link

We Are Buying Bitcoin (BTC)

Sell us your Bitcoin, Name your Price, No Questions Asked

We are buying BTC in any amount; we are looking to buy outside of our Coinbase Institutional Exchange Account. If you hold BTC privately we will buy all that you have, name your price. We can make payment in any manner and form or currency anywhere in the world to include cash to your location. This is a private transaction, no personal information or source of BTC required.

Tell us how much BTC you have and the price you want for it, you will have an answer within 5 minutes. Once accepted, we will provide a secure link to send your BTC to, and receive your payment. Payment can be instant in some cases.  

We guaranty to buy your BTC at 20% above spot or more. 

Bitocin (BTC) Loans 5X Security Deposit

Need a Bitcoin (BTC Loan). Get 5X the secuirty amount for your loan. Security deposit $100K in BTC your loan will be $500K, payable in many forms, even cash to your location. 

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Thank you to Everyone for Attending our Dubai Event

We want to thank everyone who attended our Dubai Event, you made it a huge success. It was great to meet everyone in person. We were able to show in real time all our new services; take applications on the spot and showcase our instant funding. Attendees were able to get the services they needed and the accounts funded while they were attending. Our classes on how to leverage our services could not have gone better.

Past Events: New York, Frankfurt. Upcoming Live Events. We will be in DC (US), Atlanta (US), Los Angeles (US), Seattle (US), UK, Macau and Singapore. Check back for our event schedules when they are posted.

Cheers to Everyone