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Steps To Rent Cryptocurrency

No Personal Information or Source of Cryptocurrency Required



Apply at the following secure link: BTC Rental Order Link. 


Accept Terms & Submit

Complete your application, accept terms and submit. * Ensure that you have typed in your BTC wallet address to receive your rental BTC when ordering.  1 order allowed at a time, multiple orders not allowed.


Complete Your Order

To Complete your rental order make payment for the rental. 

Crypto Rental Terms  

Current Terms of Service  Full Terms Link 

BTC (Bitcoin) Rental Terms and conditions. This is not a loan it is an asset rental. You may use the BTC for any purpose. There is no credit check or security deposit, all qualify; you are not liable for the default on repayment. Rental insurance secures the rental against default. Brokers welcome and are paid a commission for each completed rental. 

Term: 30 Days * Monthly rollover by paying rental fee for rollover)

Rental Fee: (Subject to change)
1  BTC Rental Fee $1,000 per BTC
5+ BTC Rental Fee $900 per BTC
10+ BTC Rental Fee $800 per BTC
15+ BTC Rental Fee $700 per BTC
20+ BTC Rental Fee $600 per BTC
25+ BTC Rental Fee $500 per BTC
Up to 40 BTC per order

Payment: None
Minimum Rental: 2 BTC
Maximum Rental: 40 BTC per order (may be increased upon request and approval).
Price: Set: Daily
Security: Rental Insurance
Rental term starts on day of receipt of BTC by renter.
Processing: 1 - 5 business days not including day of order.
All contact must be via email (writing) or live chat, phone support not available. 
You may place one order at a time, order must be completed before another order is placed.
These are the entire terms for rental.

Rental Fee Payment Methods
*Fastest Method / Same Day
Bank Wire (US) 1-3 days
Bank Wire (International) 3-5 days
*Same Day ACH (US Banks)
ACH Transfers (US & International) 3-5 days
*Zelle Bank Transfers
Cash (Overnight – Next day)
*Coinbase (Commerce & Institutional Exchange Account)
*Cash App (Business Account – US & Canada)
Payoneer + (Multiple Currencies) 5-7 days (USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, JPY, AED, SGD
PingPong + (Multiple Currencies) 5-7 days (USD, GBP, AUD, CAD, EUR, JPY, MXN, SGD, INR 

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