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Production Loan Agreement Terms  

No Upfront Fees - All Production Insurance and Fee are deducted from the Loan Proceeds

Agreement: Production Loan & Micro Loan Terms

HP Productions is not a lender or financial company, buy submitting your production loan application and in agreement thereof, HP Production provides funding for the Production Loan as agreed by borrower to the Terms are as follows:

Borrower agrees to the terms as follows as by fixing their digital (e-signature) to the Production Loan Agreement.


1. Production loans are internal loans with HP Production and the borrower, as HP Production providing a service to a limited partner. Production loans are not disclosed and are confidential.
2. Loan Type: Private Production Loan
3. Term: 90 Days
4. Amount: As per the loan agreement
5. Fees: As per the loan agreement: 6.5%
6. Interest: -0-
7. Payments: N/A\
8. Production loan insurance: Production insurance is paid in the form as so stated on the loan application and subsequent loan agreement. Production loan insurance secures the production loan. 
9. Production loan funding: Production funding is paid in the form as so stated on the loan application and subsequent loan agreement.
10. Security for Loan: All Production Loans are secured by production insurance in an amount that is so stated in the production loan agreement.
11. Production loans are not active and in force until such time as the production loan insurance deposit is paid in full, processed and are not guaranteed until approved by HP Productions and passes underwriting.
12. Any submission funds in any form for production loan insurance that are rejected or not honored will at the sole discretion of HP Production make the loan application, loan agreement void, this includes the borrower submitting a false image of a production deposit being made.
13. Failure to pay in production loan insurance deposit in full in the form and as per the date required by the production loan agreement renders the production loan agreement null and void.
14. Production loan is required to be paid off within 90 days of receipt of funds, no grace period for repayment. Loan Defaults at 12:00 am on the 91st day.
15. Payoff of production loan is to be in the same form and manner as the production loan was funded in, unless HP Productions notifies the borrower in writing (email) and makes the change in the borrower’s production loan account.
16. Upon default of production loan HP Productions receives all benefits paid out by production insurance; further HP Productions receives all tax or other loss claims and may sell the loss to 3rd parties at their sole discretion.
17. Borrower may not claim any part of the loan loss or production insurance for any reason.
18. Production loan deposit insurance is 100% refundable up to date of funding of loan, once loan proceeds are sent to borrower the loan cannot be cancelled. Any time prior the borrower may cancel their loan and will be refunded the entire deposit amount in the same form and manner as paid in as per the terms of refunds; unless the borrower violates any terms of the agreement, refunds are at the sole discretion of lender. 
19. In case of failure to fund production loan the production loan deposit will be returned in the same form and manner as paid in within 15 business days from 5 business days after funding date has expired, or from the date a formal refund is submitted.  HP Production has 5 business days to correct the non-distribution of loan funds by making full distribution of loan funds to borrower. The timing and method of refund of production insurance deposit method and timing or refund is included herein. 
20. Funding timing, once production loan application is submitted, production loan insurance deposit is received, processed and cleared by receiving entity, the production loan will be fully funded in the form and manner as so described with the production loan agreement within 10 business days.
21. Due to fraud We do not accept debit or credit cards, PayPal, LOC, SLOC, Escrows or other debit instruments for payment of production loan insurance deposit or repayment of loan.
22. This is a digital loan and governed by US and international law, for all claims the location of funding of the loan has jurisdiction of all legal or other matters regarding the loan and all other actions thereby.
23. All loan communications are to be done in writing, no phone support is provided. Writing can be in the form of email or secure messaging within the borrowers online account. We do not have phone support for production loans, all support is by email or live chat. 
24. If applicable and agreed to by the borrower and accepted by HP Productions and is so marked in acceptance therein the Production Loan Agreement, HP Productions may use any and all parts of the loan and its processes in marketing and advertising of its Production Loan Service; no personal information will be disclosed of the borrower. Borrower is being compensated by the terms of the production loan for this release.
25. Borrowers may not share their login and password with other parties, doing so voids the loan agreement, where full re-payment of the loan is due the HP Productions. Sharing of login and password prior to funding will result in immediate cancellation of the loan agreement. Prior to funding if the production insurance deposits has been paid in processed and cleared, it will be refunded as per the terms of refunds in this agreement. IF the loan has been funded the loan production insurance is considered earned and is not refunded.
26. Stacking of loans is not permitted. Stacking is where one borrower takes out a production loan, then using the funds from the loan, provides them to a 3rd party (individual/broker/agent) to secure other loans without full disclosure. Doing so will result in immediate rejection of any submitted loan and immediate termination of any existing loan, wherein the loan is immediately called for repayment. Both parties are then barred from submitting future production loans. Stacking is not allowed even if disclosed.
27. Broker/Agents may submit production loans for their clients or 2nd parties but must do the following upon filling out the production loan application: 1) ensure to complete the full borrower information, 2) check box denoting this is a broker/agent submitted application, 3) complete the broker/agent information portion of the application.
28. Upon default of any funded loan the borrower is barred from submitting any other loans, directly or indirectly with the HP Productions. If a broker/agent is found to be aware that the borrower will be defaulting on the production loan and does not notify the lender they will be barred from submitting any further loans.
29. Broker/agent submitted loans. Borrowers who use a broker/agent for production loan submission give the broker agent authorization to login, view and modify any account or loan information. The borrower may in writing (via email) terminate the broker/agent access to the borrower’s online account. The broker/agent will still have access to the loan information only, this ensures that if a broker/agent commission or fee is in placement between the HP Productions and the broker/agent the broker/agent will be able to view the loans and the commission and fees that are due and paid to them if applicable.
30. Broker/Agent commission. If applicable, HP Productions pays to the broker/agent a commission for each production loan that is submitted and funded. This is at the sole discretion of the HP Productions. All negotiations of commissions or fees must be done prior to loan application being submitted.
28. Security. Tracking is used for all applications, logins, emails and website visits and other traceable meta data for the security of the accounts, fraud, production insurance requirements and other non-disclosed reasons.
30. Micro and other loan offers are subject to the standard terms of all production loans and may have specific terms that apply to them.
31. Borrower acknowledges that HP Production is not a licensed lender, bank, finance or other type of financial institution. All loans are private, confidential loans between all parties.*) Production insurance provider and policy is not disclosed to borrower as, as all production insurance is under the general umbrella of HP Productions which would disclose confidential information of HP Productions, and borrowers financial and personal or corporate information.
32. Production insurance is not provided under the borrowers personal or company name.
33. Multiple loan applications are not allowed at one time.
34. Borrower may only have one loan at a time, unless granted in writing by HP Productions.
35. Loan funds may not be used to pay for production insurance deposit for another loan.
36. Loan funds may not be used by another borrower to secure a production loan.
37. Borrower may not give, loan, gift, partner with or any other method, any loan funds for the other party to secure a production loan using the loan funds as payment for production loan insurance deposit.
38. Any violation will not only affect the borrower but any other person involved in the violation.
39. Any violation of any of the terms may result in the denial of a loan application or immediate termination of an existing loan making it immediately due and payable.
40. Any violation of the terms may result in the borrower being banned from all HP Production Services. 
41. Underwriting a separate entity from HP Productions has sole decisional control over of flagging applications and loans.
42. Flagging of an application or production loan will result in the application being denied and any production insurance deposits being returned per the terms of production loans; or immediate calling in of loan.
43. Reason for flagging of a production application or loan is not disclosed to borrower, this is not a credit decision.
44. HP Production has the discretion to provide a Production loan, we do not provide updates or status outside of borrowers account and within he terms of the loan. 
45. Production Loan Application Terms are incorporated herein.
46. No other terms, guarantees are provided except as so stated within the loan agreement and terms herein.
47. Loan terms are subject to change without notice at any time and are applicable to previous loan applications, current and future loan applications.
48. Severance of any loan terms does not invalidate any other portion of the loan terms which remain in force throughout.
No other terms or agreements are made or enforceable outside of the Production Loan Agreement and terms therein. *HP Productions is a Licensed to use Hell's Poker brand to market it's products and services, Hell's Poker is not a partner with or in partnership with HP Productions.

Terms as of September 1, 2023 

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